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hey, ive just started watching voyager, and im not following many voyager blogs atm. could you possibly rec me some? also if you knew any who ship paris/kim, thatd be the best thing ever. :))

I’m sorry I don’t really follow any voyager blogs :( I haven’t been able to find too many. classictrek posts all star treks, including voyager. They’re pretty good. Other than that, I mostly follow tos blogs. That’s why I started this one. I saw a major void. I’m with you on tom/harry though. I also ship Janeway and seven of nine. I think the canon ships from the show are mostly awful



My one year anniversary of opening my shop is coming up, and i feel like doing something to recognize that. I’m just not sure what… a giveaway?(thinking a quilt…) Another tutorial? A sale?

Right now I’m feeling pretty equal towards any of those options, so if people had a preference that would be helpful. I’m also open to other suggestions.


I’m sure everyone knows about To Boldly Hold already, but if not, you need to go check out her shop! Only the coolest, baddest (in a cool way), dankest (in a cool way) stuff in this quadrant!